BLAZER V – organic silk


  • 100% Bioseide
  • Futter: 100% Biobaumwolle
  • 100% Natürliche Färbung (frei von Giftstoffen)
  • Handgenäht
  • Fair Trade

Lieferzeit 3-5 Tage


This Blazer is a unique and modern piece that can make any outfit look very elegant. The silk has the natural property of not getting wrinkled and the cotton absorbs the sweat and does not smell bad. This two fabrics together will keep you always elegant and impeccable. Many brands make blazers with a synthetic lining to reduce costs even when the fabric outside is of a high quality, but synthetic fibers do not absorb the sweat and can cause bad odor. We believe that the internal fabric should have the characteristics that are needed to keep you always fresh and comfortable.